In a country, where right across the political spectrum, obfuscation, misrepresentation and rhetoric substitutes for meaningful action and the desire for power over-rides the responsibility to effectively govern, personal grass-roots action become critical.

If we want to support our children’s rights to live a safe viable life in their future, then we have no choice but to act.  We need to both change how we live and take direct action.

One way you can help is encourage community groups and businesses where you work or play to declare a climate emergency and display a sign to that effect.

From there lobby East Gippsland Shire Council to declare a climate emergency.

Encourage community organizations with a ‘shop-front’ like MA Space, Bendigo Bank, East Gippsland Water, Mallacoota P12 College and Mallacoota Community Precinct to promote the need for change and the dangers to our children represented by The Climate Emergency.  Community groups have a social responsibility towards the lives of our community’s children, encourage them to recognize it and act. Encourage them to declare a Climate Emergency and actively promote the need for personal and broad community behavioural change. Sometimes it is necessary to leave your comfort zone to exercise your community responsibilities.

Call out sociopathic individuals who deny anthropogenic  Climate Change, frame action as pointless or declare it’s all too hard  too late.

The Climate Emergency is driven by industrial extractive and manufacturing processes, agricultural livestock industries, forestry, harvesting wild foods and tourism. These industries need to be restructured to make them carbon neutral and environmentally benevolent. Your federal and state members of parliament, shire councillors and industrial peak bodies need to be relentlessly lobbied to effect change.  This is something you can do!

To find out more of what you can do, links to further information and action groups please visit my website –  skullthorpe.com or Google Climate Emergency or Extinction Rebellion.

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