In the light of the panel’s unanimous opposition to the Boat Ramp I call upon East Gippsland Shire and MADBATA to abandon their sponsorship and support for the proposed Boat Ramp at Bastion Point.

This is the only socially and ethically responsible action to take if local leaders are to provide a positive example to offset the corrupt and highhanded behavior of our political leaders in ignoring the panel’s recommendations.  A failure to do so would reveal a disturbing level of ethical and moral bankruptcy, in these organizations, difficult to reconcile with the stated aims of two such important local bodies.

The Australian political system is based on following of due process.  Administrative structures are put in place to protect communities from exploitation and abuse by rich and powerful interest groups.  A failure by these two local organizations to support the panel’s decision will demonstrate to the young people of this community that individuals and indeed whole communities are at the mercy of vested interests.  They will guilty of a betrayal that will greatly strengthen the already incipient disillusionment of our children with the democratic process, which members of their families have fought and died for in two world wars.

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