When i started this nest of websites  all based around WordPress so many people looked down their noses and said how clunky it was, there were better ways to do, lots of web page generating sites on the internet etc etc.  Now things have changed the same people are acting like they have suddenly ‘discovered’ WordPress and are using it in all sorts of different ways.  One ISP company i know builds all their sites in WordPress without acknowledgement and takes the money and runs.

I must say since i got my Galaxy phone blogging on the train is a great pleasure and working on websites in pubs and writing stories on the beach are just way to much fun.  i have just bought a Nexus 7 to make mobile webbing less fiddly and to use it as an ebook.

When i first got interested in all this sort of thing back in the early nineties one of the many things i and everyone else failed to predict was that twenty years on we would be writing web pages in bed.

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