Bohemian Rhapsody some more.

Her subjective time slowed as she was caught between fight and flight. No where to go and no way to get there. The girl caught momentarily off-balance by the wayward rack turned and saw.
‘Shit! What happened?
Suzie looked around, ‘Happened…?’
‘Are you bleeding?’
‘You a fucking parrot or what?’
This was not going well, she was too tired and her ankle hurt. The drug rush had fled leaving her feeling pain,dazed, disoriented, flat.
‘I, I guess I fell…’
‘Into that?’ She indicated the dumpster with a badly plucked eyebrow.
‘I guess..’
‘You guess? You did or you, didn’t. You bang your head?’
At last her wits kicked in, ‘The lid fell on me and I fell in, knocked me out I think.’
‘Shit, we had better get you to Medical, where’s Jacko?’
‘Shit head with pimples, Jacko.’
‘Oh yeah, him, dunno.’
‘How come you doing the crap, it’s his job. You new?’
‘Only started ….’
‘Shift just came on, yeah. That shit skivved off and left you with the crap. Shit!’
‘Look I…’
‘….don’t want to get in the shit, yeah ok. Where’s your ID?…ID!’ She waved the lanyard with plastic tag that was around her neck, ‘ID.’
Suzie put her hand to her neck. ‘Must have fallen off…’
‘Fuck it, I ain’t grovelling in there. They probably give you new one, no worries if we don’t make a fuss.’
‘You are a fucking parrot. Look, if we don’t go on about compo and that crap, they can just pretend it didn’t happen, no paperwork, no snot faces from upstairs butting in. OK?
‘I guess.’
‘Good, you walk?’
She tested her ankle, ‘I guess.’
Pushing the the rack up against the wall, she turned back to the doorway and then said over her shoulder ‘Ariel’. Seeing Suzie go blank. ‘Ariel! It’s me fucking name.’
‘Oh right…. I’m …Glinda.’ And she followed Ariel out of the loading dock.

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