I would like to offer my special and sincerest thanks to all you wonderfully generous people who helped in the projects with which I have been involved in 2014. See how much we have enriched this town –

The Artist in School ‘Gabo Rock’ Project and Music Program, especially thanking the active members of the P/12 Arts Sub Committee and Lisa Broome, Padma Newsome, Nick Fischer and Rachel Severs.
Mallacoota Markets (both sorts) especially The Market Committee and Jenny, Geof, Pete S. Neil and the Traffic Nazis.
The Mallacoota Halls and Rec Committee who after over two years of planning and community consultation have prepared a Strategic Plan for our Community Precinct. that will go to Council early this year. They have also managed the use and upkeep of your halls and reserve grounds.
All those who have helped with The New Kids on the Block Radio project (Mallacoota P to 12/3MGB. This is great booster of our children’s self confidence and communication skills.
Assisted with The Stilt Walkers (especially Denise). Stilt walking is an unusual activity and Mallacoota may be the only community in Victoria that does it on a regular basis. This year the activity will have been on going for twenty five years. It is always life changing for one or more of our members every year
All who helped out with the ten or so visiting bands that have performed at the Muddie in 2015.
The mounting of the Winter Solstice Celebrations. We are planning a return Bush Dance this year.
All of you who helped set up all the community events – celebrations, weddings, funerals, fund raisers and exhibitions.
All of you who did the endless reading of stories for the EJ Brady Short Story Competition.
All who put their time into keeping 3MGB open and on the air. Don’t forget Australian music content!
All you active workers in The Mallacoota Progress Association. With over 80 members, we are a significant voice.
The mounting of the Gippsland wide community radio advertising campaign for Scott Campbell-Smith in the recent elections.
Ros and her gymnastics team doing so much for the fitness and coordination of our children.
Special thanks to The Mallacoota Lions for all the thankless things they do around the place.

A great deal has happened, which could not have happened, without all you generous community members who sacrificed your time to make our community so much better to live in.
The best of luck in 2015, have a great rest of your life and I will see you around town.

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