Arts on the rise?

There has been a great deal of activity in arts related initiatives lately in Mallacoota. This is partly the time of year but also, I think, the beginning of a rise in general levels of activity.
The recent P12 drama class production of A Dolls House showed what remarkable results  both artistically and in personal development are possible with minimum physical resources and maximum hard work, commitment, creativity and encouragement.
There was the opening of The Radio Station/Art Gallery which provides a permanent home for our community radio and an opportunity for local artists to sell their work.
The unofficial launch of Made by Mallacoota social/arts history project is planned to develop into a web based resource for history, local writing and the arts in general. 
The continued work being undertaken by The Mallacoota P12 Music Program is creating a new generation of young musicians.
Moves afoot to reestablish a local community/arts festival may come to fruition and the initiative does demonstrate a growing desire for things to happen.
The acceptance of The Community Precinct Redevlopment Plan will be a huge boost to arts infra-structure and now need planning to be instituted to create programmes and initiatives around the resources.
Opportunities for this may well be provided by The Regional Arts Victoria Small Town Transformation Project. This may be qn opportunity to bring all of the different initiatives, plans and aspirations together into a cohesive and creative structure that could seriously enhance our life qualities here in Mallacoota.
So come to the discusion at The Muddie at 6.30 this Friday and get in at the ground floor.

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