Christmas Day

Made a great program this morning with prerecorded Mallacoota memories from some locals interspersed with some great live original music from Milli and Jim. Thanks M and J. Then did Popz as per normal. I am playing selection tion from this years releases. Australian music is such high quality and there us so much of it is impossible to keep up with everything.
Then off to the Muddie to set up for tomorrows market.  Hot and extremely windy. I don’t  mind doing the work but apparently there are hardly any stall holders. This is a bit futile. I have decidsd to cancel the stilts at the market as the weather is too wild. I have also postponed the book stall for the same reason.
I was doing


some extreme whipper snippery the otherday and I excavated Dusty’s  blue pig. She greeted it like Ghods big toe and is A Very Happy Dog.
Just defended from Dusty and ate my Christmas Dinner – blue cheese and tomato sandwich,  Vegemite and cucumber sandwich,  a peach, grapes, plums, pear and a chocolate chip muffin. The dogs were very attentive.
Tali has gone up to Philips with Marc to play Cludo. All that remains is to pick him up hopefully not to late as I have a 4 o’clock market start.
I am re-reading, for at least the 30th time, The Lord of the Rings, it is an annual end of year ritual. It is the most perfect example of tale telling I have ever read. Good tale tellers are ere extremely rare. Oscar Wilde comes to mind  Alan Garner another. Joan Aitkin of course, James Branch Cabel..
I am returning to Middle Earth. Have a Kool Yule.

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