Live Music

​One of the things that clearly represents the changes in Mallacoota’s population demographic is a growing reluctance to participate in live art events.  We had a stunning show of beautiful music last night. We had  a good crowd but nothing like the crowds we used to get.  Interestingly our events are not generally  patronised by the remnant of Mallacoota’s once thriving arts community that still remains here. 

I have been under increasing preasure to get an alcohol license for The Muddie. People tell me they would be  more likely to come if they could buy a drink. This is sad. I think art should be about art. Music concerts are about music not drinking and competing with it to talk with your friends. It’s one of the reasons why I never go to art gallery openings. 

Reluctantly, if the trend continues, I am going to have to stop bringing artists to Mallacoota. I bring between 8 and 10 musicians and groups of musicians here a year without any funding support and it is getting unrealistic to ask musicians to come for so little return. My events also provide critical funding to our School Music Program which is where  the house percentage and sales from Cafe Mud go so, this would have a damaging knock on effect for our community in general. Probably the oddest thing is locals will travel to Melbourne and pay hundreds of dollars to watch an international bimbo lip-sync their latest CD in a stadium but are reluctant to support local live Australian music.

One of the more inexplicable things is often people tell me they did not know about it. I adverise my gigs in The Mouth, on 3MGB, handbills down the street, by email and social media so it is difficult, short of skywriting, to know what else to do.

There are four or so gigs coming up before the end of the year, let’s see what happens.

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