​My first big read for this year is ‘Scatterlings’ by Martin Shaw. It has all sorts of resonances to Robert Holdstock. I am being captivated by the notion that identification with ‘place’ transcends language and this doesnt have to have anything directly to do with aboriginality.

I have been counting and I average ab.out one new book a week and at least one reread (these are often audio books). There are also authors being perpetually reread like Tolkein, Peake, Hoban, Hesse, Garner.

Gerard Manly Hopkins is a great way to learn English. When I think of Delany I think of scaffolding.

I am on the brink of another book cleansing. Somewhere in Dune there is a remark that says something to the effect that you can find out most aboit a person by what he rejects. So – book cleansing may be a much needed act of self discovery.

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