Leaving Home

​It’s more nutty at our place than usual which is fairly challenging. Trying to get the boys ready to leave for Swinburne on Sunday. After weeks of procrastinating they are clearing out their Skunk Hole of years of accumulated  chip packets and Passiona cans. They are also trying to work out what to take. They are also very nervous. Tali went to Alpine School so he has been away from home before. Patric has not and resisted travel so it is BIG for him.

I am having my patience and ingenuity tested by all this but also  by cat proofing the house and building Catopia onto the side of the house with access through the lounge room window. Minerva (the cat) has been living in the Skunk Hole with the boys and hanging out on the veg cage, She is Talis cat, he got past my guard a couple of years ago when he pointed out that Patric had had pet rats and a dog and he hasnt had anything. I hate it when they are reasonable. On top of Catopia I have also had to build three sliding screen doors from scratch as our french doors are custom size. 

I am also building a whole pile of solar powered fruit and flowers for  F’ville in my spare  (sic) time.

The veg garden has gone bonkers with 2.5 metre tomato plants and the day of the Triffids in the pumpkin patch. 

Also back to work in The Music House. Thank Ghod I have put off stilts and New Kids on the Block until after Frouteville.

Very mixed feelings about the boys going. They will be so far away! I will miss them so.

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