Saturation bombing, started with The Spanish Civil War, The Blitz and Allied retaliation and has continued somewhere in the world relentlessly since.  These are attempts to exterminate or break the spirit of ordinary people.  This is not noble heroism this is the employment of industrial processes to kill the defenceless wholesale.

Once, when acting in a tv series pilot, I had to run through a simulated artillary barrage. I knew it wasn’t real and I was terrified – no acting necesary. What the Mums,  Dads and kids went through in Coventry, Dresden and now in Syria is unimaginable.

War has never changed anyones mind except in unpredictable and usually catastrophic ways. 

Dispite the 100 million plus deaths in war since the start of the 20th Century we still choose war as an acceptable means of getting our own way. This is stupid and evil.

This should be the message of ANZAC Day.

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