Monday Jan 1, 2018

Monday Jan 1, 2018

Entry start 10.30

Lat -37.56678 

Lon  149.75536 
Sounds  – Eric Satie 
Reading – Sagaland. The Complete S. Stories of JG Ballard.

Significant acquisitions – New digital cameras for possible School Movie Project. Thanks Chris and Rachel.

The complete audio works of Jane Austen – for Max.

Mostly – Gardening

Coming Up – 

  • Nepal Stilt Project,
  • Recording Studio for Music House
  • FINISH outstanding stories
  • Word Buddy

Fretting About – OZ politics, US politics, Another year gone. Bourgeois shit. Millennials lack of community engagement.

Annoyed By – Garden neglect

Celebrating – Increased mobility after back collapse.

Factoid – The Mallacoota Lions Club have replaced me (after taking over Community Market Management) with about 6 people and achieving less than half of what I did….

Celebrating new year with gardening blitz after weeks of neglect.Comunity based projects have taken up all my time and energy and the garden has suffered.All my sweetcorn has been eaten by local wildlife. Lost a fair percentage of the raspberry  crop. All the paths are over grown and the vegetable patches need thinning. Need to start off lettuce and carrot seedlings.

Instituting new work practises. Going to vary my activities more to manage my back issues. Switching between hand work, writing and digital activity.


Sounds – Slava Grigoryian.

Logged off gardening until 3.00. To much UV.

Boyz are being v helpful in jungke clearances.

Being very aware ofbtge need to maximize the flowers in this process. The garden is rich with bees and they need to be supported.

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