I am of the Dragon Times

I wild ride high in my she oak

Jeweled Insects are my werefolk

Leven flashing in their eyes.


I am of the Dragon Times

From the thickets wild bulls bellow

Small birds flash: red, blue and yellow

Threaded on the curlews cries


Born of the wind: song exalted,

On the ridge the horseman halted

High in my tree I saw him stoop

Eye patch shadow, his ravens swoop

With his staff (carved narwhale spike)

Sharp as the tree thorn of the shrike

Scored our runes in the dust

Dark red as blood or crusted rust


I am of the Dragon Times

Seconds are a drumskin rattle

Hours are merely wineskin prattle

Dawns a horncall out of the light


I am of the Dragon Times

Ride with me on dreams forever

Rainbow  clad, gay and clever

Astride the fire drake burning bright.


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