The owl has her claws in the moon

And the starlights’ drunk by her eyes.

The tree shadows cast a dark rune

On predator wings as she flies.

Small life hides in the hollows

Wild eyed with panic and shame,

Reason has fled with Apollo

And terror consumes like a flame.

Bloody spots spatter the tree skin,

Crimson drips the blade of the knife,

Hatred has sundered our kin,

And life takes a life takes a life.

The spark is extinguished in leaf mold

Compassion is lost in the dark.

Now nothing can warm the old cold,

Every dark choice leaves its mark.

Dead love weighed down with piled stones,

Dead heart staked hard to the ground,

Wind makes rattles of dry bones,

The Dreaming dead utter no sound.

Fang shadows lurk under bone trees,

Talonned death out of the sky,

Twig lattice scribbles  a star frieze,

A backdrop for creatures to die.


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