“We are all driving in a great big car heading for a brick wall and arguing about where we are going to sit.” David Suzuki

For the sake of our children we have to take action.  The action must be radical and far reaching.  We must hold all Australian political parties, industry leaders and government officials to account for decades of corrupt innefectual  inaction.  Individuals need to ramp up their own responses.  We must change how we live.  Bamboo tooth brushes and cotton shopping bags, while a baby step in the right direction, are just not going to cut it.

Notions of ‘sustainability’ are a rich persons phantasy. Our lifestyle changes need to be fundamental and revolutionary. How we eat, how we work, how we spend our money and our leisure time all must change.

We have to eliminate destructive industries and support the workers redeployment into other activities.  Speak out against the corrupt bribery of tax-cuts for the rich when more taxes are needed to enforce regulation to turn our economy and ecology around. Visitors to Mallacoota burn over 300,000 litres of petrol a year to come here.  Thats a big offset even before we start to make a positive difference.

So – Off we go!  Let’s see if we can get a gig going for Friday lunchtime. 11.30 to 1.30 at the gazebo.

Things we could do –

  • Hand out pamphlets outlining possible actions that us punters could take.
  • Get together and make some music.
  • Hand out some free food.
  • Display some banners.
  • Make some speeches.
  • Maybe set up a local chapter of XR in Mallacoota.
  • Alison is going to see if she can get together some XR Tee Shirts.

If you are interested in participating  email me on goblinhag@gmail.com or ring/text me on 0407272358 or just show up.


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