“We are all driving in a great big car heading for a brick wall and arguing about where we are going to sit.” David Suzuki

We are growing as a planetary population.  We are increasing steadily in our technological complexity and sophistication.

As a result, we are creating ever increasing quantities of gases that trap heat  in our atmosphere.  These gases include carbon dioxide  and methane.  At the same time, we are rapidly killing off the organisms  that utilizes and stores carbon dioxide and creates the oxygen we breath.

Trees and other organisms have been storing carbon dioxide for millions of years.  We are extracting the deposits, made over those millions of years – coal, oil and gas and burning them in just decades.

The human race has survived so far because we are ingenious and adaptable.  These qualities are now leading us into a trap  and all that we have steadily built over the millennia will soon be drowned, burned or blown away. We will take the planets intricate and rich ecosystem with us.

This is a problem. It is not The Problem.

About one percent of the world’s population control most of the world’s resources.  They, not unsurprisingly, consider this to be a very congenial situation. They wish to keep it that way at all costs.  They believe that should everything become totally pear shaped that they control enough resources to live as comfortably as they are now. That one percent also controls most of the sources of information and through donations and corrupt behaviour co-opt or in other ways control our politicians and senior public servants.

This is not a good scenario for our children and their children.

Human ingenuity and adaptability has devised  systems and technologies to reduce the effects of our climate emergency.  These strategies are not being deployed because they represent a radical shift in wealth distribution and a huge change in how we conduct our lives – how we eat, spend our money, engage in leisure activities and get around.

How much do you care?


  • Become more informed about the Climate Emergency.
  • Support your children in their protests.
  • Take the time to engage in local Actions.
  • Discus the Climate Emergency with your family and friends and try and persuade them to take action.
  • Take care in how you shop and what you shop for.
    • Think about single use plastics. Do vegetables need to be cling-wrapped? If you stop buying, the shops will stop selling.
    • Remember ‘convenience’ is almost always bad for the environment.
    • Reduce or eliminate the use of creature-based products.
    • Do you really need it?
    • Only fly in an emergency
  • Contact your local politicians and authorities persistently demanding radical action.
    • TIM BULL MLA (State)
    • DARREN CHESTER MP Darren Chester does not publish his email address. PO Box 486
      Sale, VIC, 3853



  • Join The Extinction Rebellion –

Donald Ashby

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