It’s a curious thing that just about the hardest thing to do is to get businesses to do anything that resembles there line of business.

I have been trying to get some things done around the house and have been blocked at every attempt by inefficient incompetence. It’s weird. A sheet metal and roofing fabricator i am trying to get to manufacture some flashing repeatedly fails to get the right feed stock delivered, The timber yard has not delivered the timber three time now for a shed i am building, i have been told i have four weeks to wait for a bathroom vanity i want to fit and the electrician after just not turning up for weeks has now told me his supplier has sent the wrong switch.

So what is going on?

There has been a huge shift in culture on the nature of doing business. Once a person was in some part described by there occupation – they were a baker or a blacksmith and they did these jobs and in the achievement of their skills made a living. There ‘job’ and there life were integrated.

These days the aim of the game is to scrabble like hell to make as much money as possible to purchase goods and services to give you enough time to scrabble like hell to purchase goods and services. You can’t define your life (except negatively) by describing yourself as a middle management ‘Life Services Manager’ or ‘A Telephone Sanitizer 3rd Class’.
The businesss of business is to make money and how it is done does not matter. A large part of the manufacturing industry is engaged in the production of landfill and pollution. The cheaper products always have some small part that fails almost immediately while the more expensive ones are not supported with affordable spare parts or are made unserviceable as the parts snap together.
Meanwqhile I am still waiting for deliveries so i can get on with my life.