I am not in anyway superstitous. I find  the New Age retreat from intelligence into crystals, ‘therapies’ and astrology agravating in the extreme. This weekends events however display  a set of circumstances that could well be ‘significant’ for the credulous.
Holding an event in and around April Fools Day could have been seen as a bad move by those who confuse calendars with other than specific cultural significance. So you migjt say that The Bastion Point Demo event got off to a bad start.
On top of the organizer ego, tunnel vision and new age ludditeism we had the death of one of my oldsest friends Jo and the drowning of a tourist on the bar. The latter was imeadiatly blammed on those who appose the boat ramp by those who are in favor.
All this at The Easter full moon.
As Kurt Vonnegut and Nick Lowe said – ‘So it goes.’

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