Jo is at least not suffering anymore. Tho’ the world seems a very different place.  Finn is back from being part of the medical team  which is good.
I have to say that the big plus for the weekend was Momatoto. Who have an amazingly powerful rich sound. They are also delightful people. They were so generous with their time singing at The Market , SBP and last nights concert.
It will be great to get them back after they come back from the US of A.
I am also looking forward to making the video planned for A SBP You Tube campaign.  Making videos is one of my favorite things. It is one of the few things, like writing, where we can make things come out right. 
It is a great change from the community stuff where you are always pussy footing around or being frustrated by peoples self esteem issues in order to get to the core.
Jo’s over-riding emotion was anger and disappointment. I have similar tendency. I have received a heads- up to get over it and get on with it. Thanks Jo.

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