It is clear that what is required to meet the stated needs of the proponents of a new boatramp at Bastion Point is a cheap low impact facility. The insistence on an extensive expensive high impact development by some parties leads to the inescapable conclusion that there are unstated agendas in place. History tells us that these agendas are almost certainly revolving around the attempts of a minority to aquire disproportionate wealth at the expense of the general public good. The majority of the proponents of the large development are unintelligent people with a poor educational background. The minority of the proponents are intelligent aspirational and ethically dubious. The job of the opposition is to find out what this minority know and deal with those issues.
Recent protest activity has got hopelessly derailed by confused motivation. There has been a rising nostalgic groundswell to try and recreate the ‘festival feeling’. This is partly the rose colored glasses of time distorted memory and partly a desire of certain individuals to pursue personal agendas using community resources.
The recent Easter activities while being sucessful in a minor way neither achieved high standard artistic outcomes or effective protest.  They did achieve a ‘feel good’ response from the participants which is ok as far as it went but not a sufficient reason for the huge workload. Short timelines and the choice of a news heavy period both conspired against the project.
Hopefully the video project of creating an entetainment element to the protest will broaden the fanbase of the movement that allied with some investigative journalism surrounding undeclared agendas and procedural malpractise may create some traction.

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