IPoint for the pointless.

Announcing the IPoint. It puts you where you want to be in today’s exciting communicating world.
From the forefront of modern design this slim smart cylinder is a revolutionary product that can commit your every thought, design idea or list to paper (not included). Fully biodegradable and easily correctable with the companion iErase (sold separately) this is a stylish addition to your desk draw, brief case or handbag. Solar powered, so no batteries, we know you will want to make IPoint yours. Comes white or IPoint Premium with our iconic logo etched out in 24 carat gold this is the ‘now’ communication tool for You on the go.
Coming soon – iSharp – to keep your IPoint up to the task of modern communications and to the point in what you want to say. New introductory offer $399.00 or $450.00 with Swiss designed carry case for your IPoint and accessories.

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