Safe at last?????

A side light on the Federal Government’s latest saber rattling to try and distract Australia from their disastrous domestic policies comes from an article I recently read in Cosmos.
Over the history of our species on this planet we are living in the times of the greatest personal safety from violence. Going right back to neolithic times, based on frequency of evidence of trauma on excavated skeletons, you had a %15 chance of perishing by violence. Today the chance is globally down to less than a tenth of %1. The rate of death by violence decreases with the establishment of centralized government and increases when these governments break down. The more democratic the government the less chance you have of experiencing personal violence. Where autocratic and\ or, theistic government holds sway violence relatively increases.
High points of freedom from violence in Europe has been during republican and early Imperial Rome, the 17th/18th Century where aristocratic rule was being replaced by more democratic forms of government and the biblically inspired revenge punishments were being reduced ( at the the beginning of the 17th century hundreds of crimes were punishable by death or maiming and by the end of the 18th early 19th the death penalty was only carried out for murder and treason) and after World War 2 to the present.
So attempts by governments to spin up our fears and promote insecurity should be resisted, violence decreases as our rights to individual action, within a framework of law, increases.

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