Two Important things.

Well three…. I love the new WordPress editor.

The other things –

I saw this.

It turned up on my time line from Mark Manning. A Facebook Friend who I dont know, but we seem to enjoy each others posts.

Watch this video. It may change your life. It has certainly done something to mine. 

It is transformational art that takes place in a cabaret. A much better place than a gallery. Galleries ooze enui or are boredom places or places for when its raining. Not always of course but mostly. 

I gather the artist comes from a long line of circus performers. It shows in the rather silly costume.

Her work transcends. I wept with wonder. It capped any zen utterances or actions. It has left me feeling like I have experienced a rain shower after an impossible summer day.

Thank You.

The other thing is Neil Gaiman’s ‘View from the Cheap Seats’. After Terry Pratchett died Neil Gaimen has become my new lantern of hope. You need something to light your next step.

Terry Pratchett was clever and funny and wise and obviously wryly amazed at human antics. Neil Gaiman is these things as well but with more pain. I do not choose to read generic horror because I find it pointless and narrow. Neil Gaiman writes of horror that enthralls.  Of course, like all extremely talented writers he transcends genre and he has never just been a horror writer anyway. Writers like Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman create their own private genres . Tolkien created his own and the locked gateway is mounded by piles of the old bones of wannabes trying to get in.

I have had my nose rubbed in more insights and good sense in ‘The View from the Cheap Seats’ than ten other books. Writing is hard, at least for me, but it is an itch I must scratch. The speeches, articles, reviews and blurbs in this book have threaded a clew through my labyrinth. This is a gift that cannot be exagerated in it’s wonderfulness.

I always seem to be writing a few stories at once. I start a new one when one becomes blocked or the main character is trying to work out what to do next. Suddenlu the blocks seem to be desolving and the characters are more decisive.  This is so liberating.

If this blog ever turns into anything I will try to expand on the possible whys and wherefores when and if I work them out.

Anyway I am changed and grateful.

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