A Curious Incident on the Way to the Bank.

​A very curious thing occurred  this arvo. My son Taliesin and myself were preparing for the Artisans and Producers Market, which is happening at The Muddie, tomorrow. We needed to go to the bank in order to get a float happening.  We parked outside The Pub and were just getting out of the van when the publican burst on the scene informing us rather intemperantally that we couldn’t park our van outside his pub because it was a Greenie Van and his was a logging pub and he hated Greenies (or words to that effect).

I informed him mildly that it was public road and I could park if I wished. He blustered and boomed some more and stormed back into his pub telling me that I had better not park there very long. 

Is it just  me or do other people find this behaviour weird for Mallacoota? The last time something similar happened to me was in Club Terrace in 1972.

One thought on “A Curious Incident on the Way to the Bank.”

  1. Hi Don,

    I am sad to hear of your experience, but it is not uncommon. One would imagine that it is reserved purely for those who are on the ‘left’, when they confront the ‘right’, but this is not so….

    When I critically question the ‘left’ from my more radical position, for example their continued determination to drive cars and fly, in the face of overwhelming evidence that these two actions are continuing to produce excessive CO2 emissions that are incredibly destructive, I experience the same hostility as yourself. It simply goes down the line.

    This comment is not a criticism of you, I know that you are working hard on alternative modes of transport. There are however, many in the mallacoota community who espouse ‘green’ credentials, whose daily actions suggest anything but. If we on the ‘left’ are not collectively congruent in our actions, then why should the ‘right’ place any credence in our message?

    Post-modernism affords the ‘left’ and ‘right’ these luxuries, but reality is fast approaching, as Glen Peters suggests, we have no hope of limiting global warming to 2 degrees or less, unless we change our ways…


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