So there is time
Slipping between the knots in our lives
To find corruscation
Bright forks, electric choices
Between the knots
In our lives.
The curve of a neck
The twist in a tree
A cascade of words
Falling down to silences
That snag on the knots
In our lives –
Painted maybe,
Etched in colored glass,
Sung in a ringing cave
Dripping with stone.
Found for free
Amongst the harping trees.
Sudden reason. Sudden meaning.
Dropped like a stone
In an ice sheltered pool.
Outwards the rings
To rime the rim with crystal rind.
Bigger than dreams:
They are reals,
Lensing life
shards into
New shapes.
New paths of mazey mind,
New mind mazey paths.
Foot falling through a
Trip, a dance, a stub,
A slip to a silky knot.
There is time
To dance
To new tunes.
Unriddling the rope
Unsnaggimg the skein
Unmaking the shattered egg
Into new skies
Above A new kind of day.

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