Here, Now #1

Lat -37.566

Long – 149.755

ESST – 6.25 pm

Sounds – Andreas Vollenweider

The tree outside the window is just greening.  One day I must make an effort to find out what sort it is.  It has been sculpted for decades around the contingencies of the powerline that comes to the house and those of a swing tree back in the days when The Boyz valued such things.  

For now, the cat, dogs and I can see the sky when congregated on the bed. When fully leafed we will just see green. We will be glad of it, as summer will be hotter than last year and for every year until we all die.  On the cusp of summer once again I wonder whether this year will be the one when the fires come by. 

I wonder about fear. Increasingly everywhere about everything.  What a wonderful way to create and control a pliant psudo-slave economy.  Marvelous that we enslave ourselves while being played like fish by the puppets of the 1 percent.  

Sounds – GOL

Surrounded by national park our population beaver away at promoting climate catastrophy.  The fish killers, the golf players, the four wheel drivers, the eaters of processed poisons rich with road miles suffocatingly wrapped in the plastics economy.  

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