Lat -37.566

Long – 149.755

ESST – 4.28 pm

Sounds – BOTO

Eating Cake.

Rachel has an ‘Opening’ tomorrow night at the local gallery. Generally  a citadel of Nanna Art, decore and greeting cards. I don’t  ‘do’ openings. I don’t drink and find talking to people pharmaceutically enchanted (whether legally or otherwise) tedious  and frustrating. A crowd of people jostling and talking loudly – not for me and nothing to do with art.  

ESST – 5.14 pm

Sounds – VOX

Drinking Tea 

What Satre would call bourgeois and I am inclined to agree.  People who want to make money from ‘art’ must either forgo authenticity  and be content with making decore or be very lucky in striking the right harmonic with the zeitgeist.  

Generally ‘art’ is about the doing.  The ‘work’ is almost the waste product of the process.  If you can sell it all well and good but to set out to create something to sell is decore. Setting out to sell is a different activity than creating from visceral impulse.  The difference perhaps between art and craft.

Much of the philosophical discource on art (as with many things) is about the meaning of words qnd the uses of language.  Too often there is the old confusion between map and territory.  The creating of authentic works are existential acts. The impulse and the medium fuse into the finished piece.

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