Lat -37.566

Long – 149.755

What I am reading – 

The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump – Bandy X Lee (ED)

Know This – John Brockman.

Ancillary Justice – Ann Leckie

 Sounds – James Taylor.

What I’m doing – Making Bread, Eating Cake, Drinking Coffee.

Just finished the Sunday Clean. A beta clean this week due to tiredness.

Had a very pleasing gig on Friday Night. The first Poets and Musos in Mallacoota for 15 years.  A certain back pressure was revealed for community arts. Community participation  in the arts that used to be one of the cultural mainstays of our community has become a thing if the past.  This has now changed and needs to change further.

  I sense that people want to move away from the passive hegonomy of the more or less wealthy elite who want to relegate the arts to things to buy and spectacle to passively absorb.

We put on a supper in support of the school music program and raised over $650.00.  The community wants to support paricipation and self expression. 

In my mind right now is a notion to hold a singer and song writer night. Celebrating original material.

Above is a gig from the sixties in Mallacoota.

Sounds – Donovan Leach

In the meantime the Green Ball approaches and we need to organize some workshops to make some green lanterns.  The market looks like the go.

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