Lat – 37.9286

Long – 145.1287

Reading – The Witch by Ronald Hutton.

On a train to Beaconsfield to see Fee.

How sexist am I?

Quite really.

On the train to Melbourne. At Sale a hullabaloo erupted as a whole lot of big girls in school dresses yahooed onto the train.  Clearly more mature than school kids but young none the less.

All was revealed  when they identified themselves as netball team off to Geelong to compete. The school uniforms were dress-ups.  There pony-tails bobbing, they were loud, exuberant, full of fun.  There were smiles all around the crowded rail car.    Grinning along with everyone else it suddenly occured to me how different the reaction would have been if they had been blokes.

On the station about about half an hour ago I looked up from my coffee scroll to see a female walking away from me. She was in a backless shoestring black lace evening  style dress with black knee length boots. Her hair was dyed that gothic black and she was very pale skinned. Something jarred. Then I realized I was reacting to the way she was walking, she was walking like a bloke.

Sexism indeed.

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