So this is 2018

January 2 2018 6.00pm

Lat -37.56678

Lon  149.75536

Sounds  – Beethoven’s Late Quartettes

Reading – 

  1. Audible – The Prague Cemetery.  Eco
  2. Ebook – The Instrumentality of Mankind. Smith
  3. Realbook – At The Existentialist Cafe. Bakewell

Fretting About – How to make Tali’s 21st Specialish. Tali has only a couple of friends and all he cares about is the digital world and his cat.

 I just thought of it – intensive cello lessons.

Celebrating – Finding the conflict in the latest Petunia Story.

Feeling Good About – Rain.

Exasperated By – Arrogant incompetence.  The Lion’s Club replaced me at the market with 6 people and are managing to do about half the job. Should I step in?


There are three existential positions –

  • STINKERS – Sociopathic evil bastards who are amorally concerned only with themselves. There own desires and self-esteem are their entire universe. Prone to conspiracy theories.  Narcisists.
  • BLINKERS – Can’t see past their own short term comfort and convenience. Self gratification high on the personal agenda. Prone to reacting to false positives, want to fit in. Reactionary rather than proactive. No moral or ethical foundations. Inclined to believe rather than know. Prone to popular fallacies like alternative medicine and political parties.
  • THINKERS – Try to be evidence based. Question assumptions behind actions and ideas. Pursue the notion of a civil society. Contingent thinkers.

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