How to Save Australia

January 7. 7.15 am

Lat -37.56678

Lon  149.75536

Sounds  – None

Reading – The Guardian

Audio – The Prague Cemetery 

Realbook – Everything is Under Control 
Ebook – The Instrumentality on Mankind

Fretting About – Being a jerk 

Celebrating – Taliesin’s 21st Birthday

Feeling Good About – Having dogs.

Exasperated By – Trying to communicate with people who don’t listen.


Its very simple. No one would do it. Human minds are fatally inflexible.

Most jobs are being done by people who we don’t know or ever interact. Compared to the population of Australia the number of people who directly effect our lives is very small. In manufacturing most things we buy end up in landfill in less than 12 months. The delivery of services is ephemeral. The delivery of goods and services are very taxing on the environment because Austraalia is hopelessly over-populated.

We need to create a new economics. Create a shadow database of the population of Australia. Give each a typical but fictional life story.  Assign the kids to fictional but typical schools, the adults to jobs. Make the jobs reflect a self sustaining economy. In other words create a computer simulation of Australian economic society. Pay the workers wages, charge them for services, let them pay tax. Let them create virtual things, provide virtual services.

Use the tax garnered to maintain the simulation, use the wages of the virtual workers to pay for the social and other government services and costs. Use their superannuation contributions to supply the real Australia with environmental projects to restore the environment and supply environmentally neutral outputs.

Real Australians would have to work minimum hours and pay little or no tax. Australians would only have to work sufficiently to supply food, goods and services at sustainable levels. The corporates could ‘work’ the virtual economy where their insane practises and corruption would be largely harmless. The real economy could focus on mire efficient and sustsinable smalk scale farming and manufacture. The whoke population could decentralize with the financial support of the virtual economy.

Simple really.

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