FEB 25 – 31


So the plan/accident appears to be a monthly blog entry. It will be based on my usual running ‘to do’ list and calendar which I will annotate and illustrate as I go. Let’s see how this works out.

  • Side Strum X
Rock On
Rock On

Sunday arvo is Side Strum. Where-in select Mallacoota Musos play together at Rosie’s (ne Dr Who’s). I am resident musicologist and consult Wikipedia to resolve questions regarding the provenance of the various songs.

A compare and contrast shot from the sixties to now. Lots and lots of water has passed under our bridges.


  • Weeding Garden. Flowers. X
Tumeric Flower
Tumeric Flower
Ornamental Ginger
Ornamental Ginger

I have never had much luck with growing tumeric. The changing weather seems to be favouring cultivation though. With less rain in winter and providing you well water in summer it seems to have started to show results. For ages I thought the plant was ginger until it flowered.


I wrote this one about a guy I used to know. A weird sort of narcissist. An amazingly destructive person.

It was this relationship that made me start to think about loyalty – which is supposed to be a virtue. Listening to the family defend behaviour that had so deeply damaged them, out of loyalty, has made me question the whole notion.

If you are going to live an evidence based life then it is deeply important to cultivate an attitude of sensitive detachment.

When it comes to broader issues like nationalism then the landscape becomes a bit clearer I think. While it is possible accurately state that the lives of the citizens of a given country are on the whole better than another, no country can claim universal equality of opportunity. To champion a country, in all things, just because it is where you happen to be born is ludicrous.


Frank, a short man,

With all that that implies;

In his annecdotage –

Garrulous as a cold caller.

Strutting like a terrier.

He controlled with charm.

He bullied.

They named a dinosaur in his honor

That he rescued from the stone

Clutches of a wrecking coast

with pulley, winch and wire.

Wilful as a spoilt collie,

Nipping and barking, worrying,

He got his way.

Children, wife: collateral damage

To a story starring him.

There was always The Stuff

To be recycled, hoarded –

Piles, stacks, bins, drums.

In search of gratitude,

in search of praise,

The Stuff coopted into

Games of status.

In the mirror of his mind

He championed a war on waste.

Mountains of crap, shaming,

Shredding domestic dreams

and self-esteem.

Love left huddled under a doona,

With the curtains drawn,

Minds numb with

Drugs, God and denial.

Standing on the Darien Peak

of fondly reclaimed rubbish

He stared out over the wreckage

Of his family and saw

The vision of ‘Frank’

Burning bright with self-regard

Bringing order to the

Treasure hoarded,

rubbish tip of the world.


  • Finish Backdrop. X

Greens Ball Backdrop

    Backdrop for Greens Ball.X

    The Green are having their annual Fund Raiser, so it is all hands on deck. It still surprises, though by now it shouldn’t, that in a given community you find the same activists involved in everything from Greens to CFA. There is often a conservative/progressive divide but it has a very soft border.

    Attached to the group, of course, you always find the parasitical opportunists who seek to take advantage of community volunteerism to further their personal ends. They can be very destructive as we have found out in ‘Froute’ .

    I have been very lucky to find a carter who was willing to pick up some weathertex panels from The Opera for me. I got six panels down to ‘Coota for $100. Just in time for the Easter Mural Project.

    • Sort out access to rig it Friday.
    • Meeting Annie at 10.30 ish at Bruthen Hall.
    Leaf by Niggle
    Leaf by Niggle

      Paint splashed pittosporum leaf. I noticed it when I was shaking out a paint brush while painting the backdrop. It seems beautiful for some reason. I had to lay a temporary painting floor in our driveway under the shade of a pittosporum tree. The project wasn’t really big enough to ask the school to clear the bus-shed. The good thing was working outside. The bad thing was the ticks and mosquitoes.

      The title comes from a short story I have just reread by JRR Tolkien.


      The Alchemy of the bathroom cupboard.

      Set up market

      • Sell Greens Raffle tickets at Post Office. X
      • Croajamalong Funding
      • Croajamalong Book
      • Music House – Senior kids x
      Music House
      Music House Studio One

      The kids are learning formal improvisation at the moment. Their excitement makes it all worthwhile

      • Penelope Visit
      • Buy 3×1, mudguard washers, 20mm screws, hooks
      • Pack – Bags for whole food store. TOOLS and hardware.


      • Gnome – Kate Jackson Album of the week (POSTPONED)
      • Library (POSTPONED)
      • Going to Bruthen to rig backdrop
      • Ladder
      • Backdrop
      • Tool Box
      • Shopping Bags
      • Produce Bags.

        The Bruthen Hall must have been very fine early in it’s life but over time many unfortunate things have happened to it. It barky needs someone with energy and vision to chase funds and give the poor thing a work-over.

        Bruthen Hall
        Bruthen Hall
        Driplication - Greens Ball Backdrop 2019
        Driplication – Greens Ball Backdrop 2019


          • Pasta sauce
          • Tomatos
          • Cheese
          • Bree
          • Butter
          • Yoghurt
          • Coffee
          • Peanut butter
          • Crackers
          • Pickles/Olives
          • Chic Peas
          • Tinned Peas
          • Coconut Oil
          • Coconut Milk


        • Cous Cous
        • Rolled Oats


        Mallacoota Artisan and Producers Market
        Mallacoota Artisan and Producers Market

        Its so rich to be able to buy this produce monthly. The food is so beautifully fresh and tasty. The market really is a highlight of life here. It’s quite a bit if work and I missed out on the The Greens Ball and Cobargo Festival but on the whole well worth it.

        Apart from the product’s it is a great opportunity to catch up with so many people.

        There is also the music.

        The Awesome
        The Awesome – generous supporters of community, community arts and the environment.

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