• Easter Murals Project
  • Croajingalong – Fest
  • Croajingalong – Book
  • Bell Jar 3 Project
  • Barbie/Mech Project
  • Music House Studio 3
  • Sub-woofer test
  • Church PA.
  • Oven seal
  • Window Flyscreens etc – Granny Peg’s


  • Tali to Swinburn.
  • Side Strum

Got Tali off to Swinburn. Heading into

bushfire country. Going to have divert around the closed hwy and reconnect at Pakenham.

What a lad. Only registering that it was the end of February on Friday and that clasess started on Monday.

Penelope has dropped in for late lunch on her way back, also heading west, from performing at Cobargo Festival.

Jack who is helping out at another festival is fretting over his tools. Their new house is threatened by one lot of fires and their old house by another lot, Not looking great.

Doesn’t look like I am gonna make it to Side Strum.

Tali got into Berwick after 10.00 pm – rough trip.


Penelope made it back to her place

and the fires have not impacted yet.

Taliesin got away on time for Swinburn.

He has to check with Student HQ about course fees.

  • Write history of Clubroom consultation.
  • Meeting at 5.00.


  • Business breakfast at pub.
  • Clubrooms meeting at GC at 10.00


  • Visit Jenny Lloyd re Clubrooms Project x
  • Doctors re skin lesion x

I missed the appointment and

had to be rung and scrambled in. It turns out I have a skin cancer. This was no surprise. Waiting till Friday week to find out the biopsy results

  • Pick up Midi Desk from Peter Robinson. X

Amazing hydroponic set up.

Inspiring. I have for ages been thinking about hydroponics. Planning to look into setting up something small scale.

  • Test cargo bike electrics
  • Ring up bike shops.


  • Halls and Rec Admin x
  • Bike shops x

Finally found someone in Canberra

to look at my cargo bike. All the shops on discribing the rig refused to touch it because it was too conflicted in its design with to many problems probably contingent on each other.

Cargo bike wirh pet carrier

Cargo bike with pet carrier

This guy has connects up the coast so Davo could drop it off in Tathra. What a relief to have something happening. Turns out local guy was a waste of money and not as knowledgable as he appeared. What a minefield!

Kate Jackson rang to say she has discovered the piano at the Gallery. She wants to move it into the on-air studio. I don’t think it will fit. Meeting her early.


Bikeshop guy rang to say that current

electrics/mechanical set up a right-off. He says it never could have worked properly as it was set-up. It certainly never has! He is installing a new set-up.

  • Tidy workshop. X
  • Year 7/8 Music House x

Decided we have to set up

Studio Three before next Wednesday

  • Gnome Radio x

Kate Jackson got to studio before

me and had moved the piano into the studio! Great! Did a fabulous program with Kate singing, playing and chatting. Good conversation around International Woman’s Day and local female artists.

Later we pushed the piano out onto the street and she played pop songs for an hour.

Kate Jackson on the old 88 outside the Art Gallery

Kate Jackson on the old 88 outside the Art Gallery


  • Need to buy fly screen for Max x
  • Set up Max to cut out material.
  • Install Dragon Head

Over thirty years ago I made

a dance mask head for a performance by Mangala Dance Studio. The studio recently closed and I asked them what had become of the mask. Did it still exist? Peter – one of the principals said he didn’t know.

A few weeks later I got a text message to say that the tye roof had blown off in a storm and in the roof space there it was. Coincidently I was picking up a load of stuff from Oz Opera and got it added to the load.

Here it is installed in it’s shrine.

The forest shrine of Chryserophax the Green.

The forest shrine of Chryserophax the Green.


  • Water Garden
  • Clean House x
Carey and Jo wedding with Ned Kelly in a white suit…

Surprise photo from Carey.

31 years being married! Well done I say. Linda blows away the storyI have been telling thst it was the Lygon St Festival that turned my hair grey. Reinforces my argument that we constantly reinvent our memories for the sake of a good story or to support prejudice.


  • Food Festival Meeting
  • Weed Herbs
  • Coast trip – Plastics, seedlings, frame.
  • Copy Paper


  • Clear Veg Garden, x
  • Ring Magpie re Church Quote – Next Tuesday.


  • Music House Studio 3
  • Tip
  • Check Out Sub-Woofer/Speaker
  • Buy Potting mix.
  • Container Herbs – Kale x2, Herb Robert, Chervil.
  • Cage – silverbeat and spinach
  • Net – Cabbage, Bok-choy, Waragul Greens
  • Oven cement

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